Minutes 14/02/2011

Posted on 14th February 2011

h2. Present:

connorhd, cranman, dangerman, James, MikeCobra, MrWilson, samu, sinjo, Taby, TeamDoherty, zed0.

h2. Minutes

h3. New Exec Handover

-It’s done.
-Fyorl left 6 months ago.
-Pictures for site.
-zedo: “MrWilson, have any pictures from Crash?”
*Action:* zed0 to change pictures.

h3. Gaming Officer

-dangerman will let apc do it if he wants to.
*Action:* Ask apc if he definitely wants to.
*Action:* Change gaming password.

h3. Bloomberg

-MrWilson when asked how it went: “Pretty okay.”
-Was tidy following gaming.
-Ethernet ports in DCS are BAD.
-Port MikeCobra suggested worked.
-Taby: “They need your blessing, Mike.”

h3. Finances

-cranman: “The accounts are growing exponentially.”

h3. Squeeze (Debian 6.0) Upgrade

*Action:* To be discussed at tech meeting.

h3. Mailman

-Connorhd: “It’s terrible.” and “Our service is poor.”
-Possibly use Google instead.
-Google will know everything, ever.
-zed0: “Nobody knows how PostFix works.”

h3. Terms of Service

-Maybe they should be rewritten.
-zed0 will change the create shell account script to point to the Terms of Service.

h3. Quotes

-MrWilson: “I decided eating a bowl of Cheerios was more interesting than being on time.”
-Samu, to MrWilson on his presidency: “It hardened you.” ---> MrWilson: “I see what you did there.”
-MrWilson: "Hang on a minute."