Minutes 1-11-2012

Posted on 4th October 2012

h2. Present:

James, zed0, ruth, goshawk, demo, olly, moltenfire.

h2. Minutes

h3. Fresher's fair

-Zed0's custom trackmania track will be used at the fair on Moltenfire's laptop. Top three times will receive a prize this Friday.
-Ruth will request use of the department's trolley to transport our equipment to the fair.

h3. Laser quest social

-Zed0 has booked laser quest in Coventry for Wednesday of week 3; with a planned meetup on campus and joint bus ride to the event.

h3. Programming competition

-We have decided to move the prizegiving for the bomberman programming competition to Tuesday to avoid clashes. The new time is 6pm week 2.
-All prizes have arrived and are ready for the competition.
-Action zed0 to organize judging of the competition.

h3. Shell talk

-James has agreed to give a shell talk for new members who want to use our services. Action James to organize a time for the talk.

h3. Barcraft

-We are planning a barcraft for the first term, but the specific event is still undecided.
-Event will probably take place on a Sunday, as the finals of all European events take place then despite problems with the Duck shutting earlier.
-Action: decide on an event next exec meeting so zed0 can book the Duck asap.

h3. Future programming competitions:

-The idea of a one day programming competition was the most popular, with a set time limit for the tasks.
-The idea of a golf course was popular, but also problematic. Suggested that it was added as an extra to the other (3?) problems.

h3. Christmas meal

-Wing-Wah's will be booked for week 10. Monday night was a popular suggestion so it is after the end of term LAN.

h3. Friday night gaming sessions in DCS

-Consoles will be brought in by members to help with possible demand.
-Idea to set up special Minecraft maps was popular (hunger games, deathmatch).