Minnits - 18th January, 2001

Posted on 18th January 2001

h3. Compsoc Exec Minnits

h4. 18th January, 2001

h4. Attended

* Jake Staines
* Chris Salmon
* Phil Ross
* Ryan Cullen
* Barry Boden
* Chris Smith

h4. Contents

* Switch
* Java
* Allnighter
* Ann Jarvis
* Science Ball
* PC Format
* Frisbee Contests
* Computers
* Bowling
* I7
* New Computer Room
* Next Meeting

h4. 1. Switch

The order for the switch has actually really been faxed now. We wait, but we don't panic. Yet. Since Scan do next-day delivery, we should have our largely-unworthy hands on this wonderful piece of equipment fairly soon. Unless the Onion interceeds again.

h4. 2. Java

/"I could extend it to more weeks, or do another slot in the week - I don't mind"/ - Chris 'Kilgore' Salmon
Posters have been duped and stuck up all over campus. Kilgore is still writing the scripts. Chris, Chris and Jake to turn up in case any help is needed of a strictly administrative non-Java-orientated nature.

h4. 3. LAN

/"No no, that would be Wrong."/ - Chris Smith
Still, of course, awaiting confirmation of the LAN party room booking. Jake to mail members suggesting preliminary times of 10am to 8pm, since we /think/ those are the times we asked for. Phil to set the limit on the website to 40 people.

h4. 4. Allnighter

Likewise. Times 7pm 'till 10am, Jake to ask Richard Colfer if he minds handling the gaming, as he did last term.

h4. 5. Ann Jarvis

We have had no response from any of our probing questions. Chris 'I volunteer for /everything/' Smith to 'talk' and 'investigate' and not 'hurt' or 'scare' at all.

h4. 6. Science Ball

/"All those who don't know about the free beer - have a sweet"/ - Baz 'Grin' Boden
Tickets go on sale Monday. Everything is shaping up quite nicely, apparently. Ryan /still/ does too much /stuff/.

h4. 7. PC Format

Spoke to Post Room - they say that all mail will either have been forwarded (which is hasn't), sent to departments (which it hasn't) or returned to sender. Damnation. Ryan has mailed Future asking them to change our mailing address to 'Computing Society c/o Students Union, <insert uni address here>'.

h4. 8. Frisbee Contests

The exec notes that Goodfella's polystyrene pizza trays make *excellent* frisbees, and incidentally, the lipped frisbee design makes a pretty good pizza plate.

h4. 9. Computers

(AKA 'Servers')
Chris (Smith) asked Tom (Worley), who asked Chris (*). The cheapest deal appears to be £1,300 for 3 years. Can we recoup that much moola? It is the ertswhile opinion of this exec that we probably couldn't /quite/ make it. Unless we get a budget request of £1,300 approved by the Onion next year...
Internally, Chris (Smith) did nothing at all - mainly due to the fact that his name only appeared due to a slight clerical error, and in fact, Chris (*) was supposed to be asking DCS, ITS and the Onion. Which he promises to do soon.
In other news, there was some suggestion that Tom Worley had volunteerd the services of his machine, which a permanent connection to the University Network. Assuming this message of goodwill hasn't got scrambled somehow, the Exec thanks him, but will try and squeeze the proverbial blood out of the clingfilm-wrapped vacuum-packed pastic-coated stone that it DCS, ITS, or the Onion first - they can spare it a lot easier.

h4. 10. Bowling

Bowling is OK for next tuesday. No need to book - just everybody turn up.

h4. 11. I7

Henry has been appointed the Official Mass External LAN Party Liason Officer, Working On Behalf Of The Compsoc Exec. If anyone wants any information on I7, a mass 3 day (or something) LAN held somewhereorother sometime soon, (we /think/ it's the Easter Holidays), contact Henry.

h4. 12. New Computer Room

Seeing as there is now - or soon is to be - a new computer room in DCS, we need to know what the Computing Society will refer to it as [1]. Suggestions put forward included:
* *Bondage Suite* - on the grounds that there are chains all over the place and the room is a symbol of warwick being strapped to a bed by IBM and whipped.
* *Penguin (Pit/Pool/Pond)* - on the grounds that the machines show every indication of running Linux, and there are pictures of penguins on the walls.
* *Monkey Barrel* - on the grounds that Chris (*) though it sounded funny at the time. That boy's been playing too much Monkey Island.

h4. 13. Next Meeting

I guess it'll probably be at 2pm on Thursday the 25th in the Bitchtank. I can't be sure, since nobody bothered to raise the subject...

* [1]* Some elder students at DCS have expressed rather extreminst seniority views over the naming of Computer Rooms. These people are, to use a much overly-used phrase, living in the past. Their views have been completely ignored by the Computing Society exec, for the very simple reason that they are wrong. Some of These people will tell you that the UNIX Bunker in ITS is called 'The Morgue', despite the fact that the computers with body part names that this room was named after have since disappeared off to the skip outside Physics, presumably The Graveyard or The Pathologist's Office. Others of these people will tell you that The Bitchtank doesn't exist, simply because the name was thought up by someone younger than them. They may be disparate, but will undoubtedly refute any name associated with the new room in DCS on similar grounds - so it seems worth pointing this out: The name given is the name we will call it. We do not presume to name the room officially, DCS has already done that. It's called Terminal Room 001. We just consider this name a tad boring and will use an alternative alias. Now shut up.