Minnits - 11 March 2002

Posted on 11th March 2002

h3. Compsoc Exec Minnits

h4. 11 March 2002

h4. Present

* Dave de la Motte
* Henry Southgate
* Tom Cropper
* Chris Fanning (belatedly)
* Jake Staines
* Tom Ward
* Richard Colfer
* A Lexus Burke Hill (or something amusing and original)
* Chris Smith
* James Ross
* Adam Bowen
* Phil Stoneman

h4. ITS

After Saturday's incident with the wiener..er..whiner..., we decided that although it wasn't likely to happen again we should get the sign on the door updated to reflect the fact that we have Saturday gaming sessions too.
* Dave de la Motte to send a very polite e-mail to Rachel Parkins about this.

h4. LANS

The list of games played at LANs has been compiled (thanks Adam Bowen), complete with version listings. Adam to put links in to enable people to patch their games to the appropriate version, and James Ross to put it on the website.

h5. S7

Signups are to go live at the start of week 20, with Dave de la Motte to write a newsletter then notifying the membership.

h5. BFL

We have now had e-mail confirmation of this so we should have something booked, with a bit of luck it will even be the right stuff for the right time (optimism reigns). The signups for this also to go live at the start of week 20. The question of whether we had sufficient numbers of hubs/switches for this, and it was decided that the society needs to buy another switch but that if necessary we could get by for this LAN by using those possessed by various members of the exec. There was also some discussion as to whether we should make this a joint event with the Warwick Videogaming Society, but it was concluded that this would probably be detrimental to the event. The possibility of inviting the Oxford Brookes Computer Gaming Society was also raised. There followed a long discussion on charging entry for the BFL, which concluded with the following:
* £2.50 to be charged to members
* £5.00 to be charged to non-members (such as Oxford Brookes)
This to be non-refundable (unless the BFL were cancelled), applicable to all attendees (including exec members), with the monies to be given to Henry Southgate or Adam Bowen. A vote was taken and it was decided that monies were to be paid by 2 weeks before the event (Tom Cropper: "Bunch of fuckers"), but that guest monies were to be paid at the door. Furthermore, guest accounts (which can ordinarily drop off the bottom of the sign-up list if more members sign up) were to be fixed in their current positions 2 weeks before the LAN.

h4. Oxford Brookes and Edinburgh Computer Gaming societies

Edinburgh have made a request that we form an amalgamated Counterstrike clan. Dave de la Motte to put this in the newsletter. We have also bee invited to the LAN that the Oxford Brookes society is holding. James Ross to put this in the news on the website, and put up an interest signup too. Dave de la Motte to put it in the newsletter.

h4. Warwick Gamesoc

They have invited us to play them at our choice of console games in a friendly. Suggested games were:
* Quake III Arena
* Unreal Tournament
* Streetfighter series
* Tekken series
No definite plans made but generally a positive response to doing something.

h4. I10

James Ross also to put an item on this on the news on the website, with a related interest signup for those that might attend. Similarly, Dave de la Motte to put it in the newsletter.

At this point in the meeting, bloodletting of Henry was discussed in some detail, with respect to new coours for the Compsoc website, culminating in Chris Fanning's comment: "Send it to Dulux, they can match Henry's blood"

h4. Website

New photos have been added to the website, cheers James Ross. The "new funky" signups are almost ready. James Ross to mail randomly generated passwords for these to all who need them.

h4. Molotov

An unusually short discussion of this topic this week, let's hope that it sets a precedent.

h5. Security

"It was really sucky. It is now slightly less sucky" - Phil Stoneman. Telnet is still enabled but we are looking to disable it as and when it is practical. Phil Stoneman to put PUTTY on to the anonymous FTP, also write a guide to PUTTY. Phil Stoneman also to speak to Matt Bergin and ask him to stop "investigation of new technology" and the associated use of Molotov.

h5. Passwords

All except the suahu password to be changed, with root access restricted to Henry Southgate and Phil Stoneman. These passwords to be e-mailed out in secure format once changed.

h4. Budget

The appropriate forms were (we presume) ably filled out, and handed in by Alexis Birkhill and Chris Fanning, requesting a total of £455.

h4. Exec handover

Finance cards need to be handed over to the Nuexec, and the transfer of power (MWUAhahahahaha...) to be completed

As before, if I've missed anything out or you diagree with what I've recorded as being said, let me know.
better if one of my predecessors held this record, so here they are...

h4. Thought for the day

Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes