Exec Minutes - 9th March 2007

Posted on 9th March 2007

*Present* All, Candle and Bucko slightly late but participate in all

h4. Agenda

* Previous Minutes
* Future Newsletters
* Week 10 Socials
* Sponsorship
* Gaming
* A.O.B

h4. Previous Minutes

Generally previous minutes had been somewhat of a disaster due to use
of PDF and unavailability due to a bad URL. Simon said he would try
to sort this out and use Textile but generally would be helpful if
people could pass on information before it became a problem with
general membership. This will be improved in future.

*Action:* All to read minutes with next 2 days (via PDF) and email
exec with any problems.

h4. Future Newsletters

Had also been a considerable problem due to formatting and missing
information. Si also promised to try to improve these in future, if
only to remove all the complains emails in his inbox.

*Action:* Network Cable information to be included in future emails
*Action:* Tech Team to provide script for news letters
*Action:* Disk quota to be included in future newsletters
*Action:* Newsletters to be sent to exec before being sent out

h4. Week 10 Socials

VGDSoc to bring console kit - possibly to include Wii, XBox 360 and
Playstation II.

Tech Team report being ready for LAN.

Signups are now available on website.

*Action:* Signup to be included in newsletter
*Action:* Si and Bucko to investigate needing a car for gaming event

h4. Sponsorship

Various items were discussed which are not included due to privacy of

h4. Gaming

Various options for gaming were discussed. Currently new rooms
(Social Studies) are still not available. In the mean time
alternatives were proposed.

*Action:* Mullet/Si to talk to Mike Joy with regards Gaming in DCS,
potentially an interim solution.
*Action:* Tech Team need to prepare gaming installers

h4. A.O.B.

IRCops were discussed but are not included for privacy concerns.

No Exec for next week due to gaming event however Exec Meeting will
be held to discuss planning for 07-08 academic year on Wednesday at

*Action:* Bruce to book MS.03 for next exec meeting on Wednesday 15:45