Exec Minutes - 14th May

Posted on 14th May 2009

h1. Present

Estel, Demo, Mogmiester, Sinjo, Dangerman, Connorhd, Ester_mouse, monk

h1. Apologies

azurit, Trip, Pepper

h1. Minutes

h2. Tech rota at LAN

fred and Faux can both help Sinjo and Connorhd to do tech stuff at LAN

h2. Aircon for LAN

Estel will phone estates tomorrow to make sure the aircon is working
Action: Estel to phone estates

h2. Lists of stuff

Neither Estel or monk have had time to make a list of things to do with other unis/wuglug, but they will be done for the next exec meeting.
Action: Estel and monk to write lists for next exec

h2. Trac bugs

The bugs on trac will be fixed at a later date.

h2. LAN food

The pizzas we will get are from dominoes for £5.99 a pizza, and Mogmiester will tell sadiq on IRC tonight
Action: Mogmiester to inform sadiq about pizzas

h2. Helping to set up

People wishing to help set up at LAN should meet in DCS at 6:50 to help carry stuff down to Lib1

h2. Exec rota

For the exec rota at LAN, Sinjo will do Friday night, pepper will do Saturday morning, Sinjo Saturday evening, Connorhd will do Sunday morning, and Estel will do Sunday afternoon.

h2. Domain

The domains for the UWCS website need to be transferred from fred.
Action: monk to report to Sinjo

h2. Exec meeting

Some of the exec are unable to make 5pm next Saturday. A new time will be discussed in #exec