End of term / BFL signup

Posted on 7th June 2008

Hi all,

Hope that your exams have been going well, and if they aren't already, will be over as soon as possible. As we come to the end of the year, we're approaching the main event in compsoc's calendar: our annual week-long MegaLAN / BFL, which will this year will take place, as usual, over the final week of term in lib1/2. This is the most popular event of the year, and is often oversubscribed; consider this (short!) warning that "signups":http://www.uwcs.co.uk/society/events/details/833 will open at midday *tomorrow* (Sunday), with Guest signups opening a week later. Places can fill up promptly, get up (early) and sign up first to avoid certain disappointment and doom.

Furthermore, the annual compsoc barbeque is being held at BBQ site 1 (behind old Rootes) on Sunday 22 June. Please "signup":http://www.uwcs.co.uk/society/events/details/944 for the event and join us for an afternoon of food drinks and... other things.

Finally, we have an end of year clothing order "currently open":http://www.uwcs.co.uk/society/events/details/947. It closes at the end of next week, but the order should be with you just in time for the BFL. More information can be found "here":http://sadiq.uwcs.co.uk/clothing.html

Gaming Officer

n.b. if you don't wish to commit to attending the whole week of the BFL (23 - 27 June), please make a note in the signup comments indicating the dates that you do plan on attending for.