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Newsletter for 21 October 2001

Posted on 21st October 2001

2001-10-21 - Newsletters - About - CompSoc

h3. Newsletter for 21 Oct 2001

h4. Computing Society Newsletter

# Laserquest
# Open Source Project
# Tutorials
# Cat 5 Cable
# Sierra Leone

Hi everyone, and welcome to the latest edition of the Compsoc newsletter. Things are looking "interesting" on the CS academic side at the moment - first years programming funky robots (or so I'm told); second years being forced to learn Swing to attempt an assignent that has little or nothing to do with Swing and...

Newsletter for 16 October 2001

Posted on 16th October 2001

2001-10-16 - Newsletters - About - CompSoc

h3. Newsletter for 16 Oct 2001

Hi Everyone, and welcome to the Warwick University Computing Society.

We apologise for being so slow to mail you all; we've been in negotiations with ITS and hoped to mail you all with some really good news, but we're still waiting.

So, what's happening?

# First Social
# Gaming
# LaserQuest

h4. 1. First Social

As most of you will remember from the Fresher's Fayre (and indeed from our handbook), our first social is Tuesda...