Start of Term Meal

A different spin on the popular end of term meal!

Time & Date

Fri 28th April 2017, 18:30 - Fri 28th April 2017, 21:00


The Farmhouse Restaurant, Canley, CV5 6HB


It’s the last term of the year! To take your mind off revision and the impending doom of exams, we’ll  be hosting a society meal at the start of term at the Farmhouse. The Farmhouse serves both English and Indian meals and are very accommodating with any dietary requirements. It’ll be great fun and we hope to see you there!

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Fri 24th March 2017, 14:19

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Wed 26th April 2017, 14:00

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Thu 20th April 2017, 14:44

Lamb Mancurian master race.


Mon 17th April 2017, 15:29



Fri 14th April 2017, 18:46



Wed 29th March 2017, 16:48

👌 👌

Jessica Taylor

Wed 29th March 2017, 03:10

this is a meme

From the makers of David I

Mon 27th March 2017, 17:59



Fri 24th March 2017, 14:46

Let's switch it up!