Academic Talk: "The ups and downs of building a payments API"

5pm Tue 30 Oct


Talk description

Lots of companies need to collect payments online, but nobody wants the hassle of building their own payments system. So what's it like if you're the one building it for everyone else? GoCardless is a company doing just that. In this talk, we'll explore two themes - the challenges of building APIs, and the challenges of building a payments product. We'll look at how they tie together, and how they shaped the way we build software at GoCardless. We'll wrap up by exploring a case where things didn't go to plan - an API outage - and how we learned from that failure. After that, there'll be plenty of time for Q&A.


Chris Sinjakli is a Site Reliability Engineer at GoCardless. He was a Warwick student from 2008-2011 and a member of UWCS, where he's better known as Sinjo. He enjoys all the weird bits of computing that fall between building products users love and running distributed systems reliably.