XING on Fri 8th November 2013

8pm Fri 08 Nov


XING Is Not Gaming (it's programming and stuff during gaming).

Come look for us programmer-types in the lab opposite where the main gaming events happen.

Bro-grammers, she-grammers and coders even are welcome. Non-programmers may wish to come for help getting started.

Typically we'll just sit around and work on projects. We seem to help each other a lot with stuff, and it's generally a nice environment for getting things done.

Also free crisps usually.

veltas: This week I've been working on an IRC bot that maybe will be in a tweakable state for messing around with, so technically there's an official thing on. It should technically be possible to work in any language you want, maybe ping me on IRC about something you're wanting to work with beforehand so I can prepare it.