Gaming Pentathlon on Mon 24th June 2013

5pm Mon 24 Jun


Welcome to the first pentathlon of BFL! The 5 games this year are the following:

Super Smash Bros Melee:
21:00 Monday
Will be straight forward 1v1 game types in LIB1 or on the main screen on LIB2, depending on space.

Mario Kart Wii
21:00 Tuesday
Again will be in either LIB1 or LIB2 depending on space, and will be elimination groups (The loser of each race gets eliminated) until the final stages, which will be 1v1.

League Of Legends
18:00 Wednesday
There will be initial team stages based on how many entrants there are, (mostly likely either 3v3 or 5v5), and the final 4 will be decided by a single lane, 1v1 games. The finals will be spectated on the mainscreen.

Wii Sports Tennis
21:00 Thursday
There is no e-sports as ferociously competitive as Wii sports, and I'm sure this tournament will be no exception! This will be held in either LIB1 or LIB2 depending on space (We all know how violent games of Wii Tennis can become). Initial games being best of 3, and finals being best of 5.

Dance Dance Revolution
14:00 Friday
There can be no better finish to a Pentathlon than some dance mat action! Straight forward 1v1s, best of 3 for each round, final best of 5.

After the DDR final will be the announcement of the winner of the BFL Pentathlon. The person with the most points wins! There shall be prizes for top 3 positions.

Good luck everyone, and enjoy your gaming!