Our sponsors

We'd like to thank the following sponsors for the current academic year:


BlackRock combines the best of being a technology pioneer and financial leader. Since our inception in 1988, we’ve grown from an entrepreneurial start-up into the world’s largest investment manager by putting technology - and continuous innovation - at the heart of our business.

We’ve invented our own global enterprise investment system, ‘Aladdin’: a technology ecosystem that empowers our colleagues to do better business every day. It is an unmatched operating platform - and central nervous system - that unites all the information, people and technology needed to manage money in real time and at every step in the investment process.

Unlike other financial firms, software engineering at BlackRock is a profit centre, not a support function, and stands on its own as a fast-growing business. Developers work in teams focused on specific components of Aladdin and use innovative new technologies to build solutions for BlackRock and many Aladdin clients.

For more information about BlackRock and our opportunities, visit https://careers.blackrock.com/ 

Deutsche Bank

At Deutsche Bank, we’re designing and building the digital bank of the future and you could help shape that. We’re looking for innovative thinkers and curious minds to transform our business through advanced applications, challenging programming projects and cutting-edge tech like AI and blockchain.

With a strong position in Europe and a significant presence in Asia and the Americas, we have the resources to take a technology-first view of our business. Our global innovation labs, Digital Factory and investment in digitalisation are paving the way for what’s next. When you join us, you’ll work with expert teams on live projects, from rapidly prototyping an app to finding new ways to connect our people across the world. With a variety of areas to explore in technical or more business-facing roles, there will be many opportunities to grow your skills and your network, while making an impact on the future of banking.

Grow your potential and make your mark at Deutsche Bank.

Discover a career to look forward to at db.com/careers

Spring Into Banking (For students graduating in 2021)

Spring into Banking is a one-week introduction to a career in financial services and Deutsche Bank that takes place in the spring. Packed with skills sessions, job shadowing and networking opportunities, it gives you a taste of what it takes to succeed in our world, while taking a crucial first step in your career journey. You’ll learn how financial markets work and how the bank operates and be exposed to different areas of the bank. At the end of the week, you will gain early access to the interview process for the Deutsche Bank Internship Programme.

Application closing date:

— 14th January 2019

Deutsche Bank Internship Programme (For students in their second year of study, or third year of a four year programme)

There’s no better way to experience for yourself what a career at Deutsche Bank is like than through one of our internship programmes. Whether you join investment banking, technology, or another of our internships, our programmes offer responsibility from the outset, following comprehensive training. You’ll work on projects that have a real impact for our clients and gain unique insights into our bank and your area of interest. You’ll start to build the knowledge and the contacts you’ll need to succeed – and you could gain a place on our Deutsche Bank Graduate Programme.

Application closing dates:

— 12 November 2018 - Corporate Finance / Corporate Banking Coverage / DWS / Global Markets / Global Markets Research / Global Transaction Banking / Wealth Management / DWS

— 10 December 2018 - Regulation, Compliance, and AFC / Finance / HR / Technology

Deutsche Bank Graduate Programme (For students in their final year of study, graduating between December 2018 and May 2019)

Our programme is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to immediately add value and contribute to meeting the needs of our world-class clients. You’ll join your global classmates across all business areas for orientation where you’ll hear directly from executive board members regarding the future of the bank. Following this, best-in-class product trainers will give you an unrivalled introduction to our business and the industry. You’ll build a broad knowledge base and hone your skills through immersive classroom and online modules that are built around you, preparing you for a thriving career where you can make a difference at Deutsche Bank.

Application closing dates:

— 12 November 2018 - Corporate Finance / DWS / Global Markets / Global Markets Research / Wealth Management

— 10 December 2018 - Technology / Regulation, Compliance, and AFC / Finance / HR

LSEG - London Stock Exchange Group

London Stock Exchange Group – unique, dynamic, global

Joining London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) is a unique opportunity to test yourself while working in a variety of roles with one of the world’s most influential and innovative markets infrastructure businesses.

We provide valuable services for a wide range of customers, focusing on Intellectual Property, Risk and Balance Sheet Management and Capital Formation. The Group plays a vital economic and social role in enabling companies to access funds for growth and development. Over recent years, we have expanded our operations to become one of the leading global organisations of our kind, employing approximately 4,500 people around the world.

As we’ve evolved, technology has become an increasingly crucial component of our global operations. LSEG Technology is the power behind many of the world’s financial

markets, delivering robust, scalable, high-performance technologies; including broker, exchange, market data, risk management, surveillance and clearing and settlement products.

To find out more about the broad range of opportunities on offer at London Stock Exchange Group, visit lseg.com/graduates