Our sponsors

We'd like to thank the following sponsors for the current academic year:


BlackRock combines the best of being a technology pioneer and financial leader. Since our inception in 1988, we’ve grown from an entrepreneurial start-up into the world’s largest investment manager by putting technology - and continuous innovation - at the heart of our business.

We’ve invented our own global enterprise investment system, ‘Aladdin’: a technology ecosystem that empowers our colleagues to do better business every day. It is an unmatched operating platform - and central nervous system - that unites all the information, people and technology needed to manage money in real time and at every step in the investment process.

Unlike other financial firms, software engineering at BlackRock is a profit centre, not a support function, and stands on its own as a fast-growing business. Developers work in teams focused on specific components of Aladdin and use innovative new technologies to build solutions for BlackRock and many Aladdin clients.

For more information about BlackRock and our opportunities, visit https://careers.blackrock.com/ 

Deutsche Bank

Shape the future of banking

Intelligence. Insight. Innovation. If you’re driven by new ideas, there’s a lot to look forward to as a Technology graduate at Deutsche Bank. We develop, manage and build the tools that link our business and our clients together. Now, we’re pioneering the next generation of systems that will take our Bank – and our industry – forward. This is your chance to lead that change.

We depend on technology to give us a competitive edge. The things we design and the systems we run impact every part of our business, from commercial and investment banking through to asset and wealth management. We create algorithms that predict price changes over microseconds, produce complex quantitative tools that execute trades for clients, and build applications capable of moving EUR 1.6 trillion across the Bank’s platforms every day. And, with a presence in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific, our network and influence now extends to every part of the globe.

Although we have many roles requiring programming skills, you don’t need to be a technical expert to join Technology at Deutsche Bank. We’re looking for Developers, Project Managers and Business Analysts who combine broad business awareness with excellent problem-solving and communication skills, and a drive to deliver. If you can use creativity and intellectual curiosity to solve difficult problems, you’ll find lots of opportunities to transform our business.

You can shape the future of one of the world’s leading banks.

Discover a career to look forward to at db.com/careers/technology